About Me

Varsha Pandit is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation in India and recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA, and the TASSO Institute, Netherlands.

Before embarking on her journey of hypnotherapy, Varsha Pandit, also an MBA graduate, worked in the corporate sector for over 25 years. 

With a passion to heal, she took an early retirement to work in the healthcare sector, and at that time she came across hypnotherapy, and her journey of becoming a healer and healing started. The vast array of healing options and modalities intrigued her, and as she started experiencing her clients healing, she was motivated to learn more.

In Varsha's own words, "Today, I am happy when I see lives change positively with therapy. Everyone has the potential to heal themselves; with just a little guidance, it is possible to change your life. I am here to provide just that."

Varsha Pandit is also a yoga instructor certified by the Yoga Institute and teaches yogic concepts and techniques.